About Us

Welcome to Hyde Hermit Studio!

We’re the two artists that are working together in style. We specialized in making stickers, enamel pins, books, and prints. Our lovely mascot, Hyde, is a unique hermit crab. He was created for a representation of the artist minds and a unique brand. As of 2017, we’ve been doing events together from our local base of Los Angeles to flying out of state for shows. Hopefully we will see you in future events.

We also do live streaming on Twitch! Come on by and say Hello as we continue to make new products and have an exclusive behind the scene.

About the Artist Kai


Hi! My name is Kai and I’m a ninja artist. I specialize in making cartoons to realistic drawing. I’ve been drawing since I was in middle school and to this day still enjoy making it. I love to travel and showing my art collection with my love of my life, Hoi. As of today, I’m doing a series of original content to freelancing work.